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The Chin people are a distinct ethnic group from Myanmar, also known as Burma, that predominantly practices Christianity. As such, the Chin people have been systematically persecuted in Myanmar, and many have been resettled as refugees in countries such as USA, Canada, Australia and other parts of Europe.

Since 2000, Australia had become home to Chin refugees who had to flee the country, leaving their homes, families, friends or loved ones behind, in search for a safe and better life after suffering mistreatment and discrimination at the hands of successive military regime for many years.

It is now estimated that there are more than ten thousand of Chins across the country_ most live in Melbourne and others in different parts of Australia such as Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and other regional areas. Although Chin State is a tiny state in Myanmar, unfortunately the diversity among the Chins is extremely strong with the record of more than 50 dialects spoken. Due to the many different dialects spoken in the community, the community is forced to have numeral sub-communities.

The Chin community is composed of several sub-communities or tribal groups such as Lai community, Lautu community, Senthang community, Zophei community, Zotung community, Matu community, Mara community, Falam community, Zanniat community, Zo community, Zomi community and Cho community.

The Chin community organisations or associations across Australia that lead and oversee the sub-communities are:

  • Australian Chin Community -Eastern Melbourne (ACC-EM)
  • Western Melbourne Chin Community (WMCC)
  • Chin Community Victoria (CCV)
  • Chin Community South Australia (CCSA)
  • Chin Community of Western Australia (CCWA)
  • Chin Community Brisbane (CCB)


There are two leading bodies or organisations at national level that represent all the Chin communities in Australia.

  • Australian Chin Communities’ Council (ACCC)
  • Australian Chin Federation (ACF)

Chin people live across Interstates with New South Wales (NSW) having the smallest population estimating around 200 people. Victoria has the largest population of more than 8,000 Chin people living in both eastern and western suburbs of Melbourne. Western Australia is estimated to have around 3,000 people followed by South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania.

Also, there are around a hundred of Chin religious groups or sects that are operated independently in the whole Australia. They range from very small to big congregations. Only in Melbourne, there are more than 20 churches or groups among the Chin community.

Some of the Chin churches or sects of religious groups are:

Western Melbourne

  • Melbourne Chin Church (MCC)
  • Mara Evangelical Church (MEC)
  • Mara Christian Church of Victoria (MCCV)
  • Chin Baptist Church (CBC)
  • Australian Chin Baptist Church (ACBC)
  • Lautu-Chin Baptist Church (LBC)
  • Australian Zotung Church (AZC)
  • Zotung Baptist Church (ZBC)
  • Kingsville Zotung Baptist Church (KZBC)
  • Zion United Pentecostal Church (ZUPC)
  • Australian Zophei Church (AZPC)
  • Grace Baptist Church (GBC)
  • Melbourne Matu Baptist Church (MMBC)
  • Melbourne Chin Assembly Of God (MCAOG)
  • Our Lady’s Chin Catholic Community


Eastern Melbourne

  • Victorian Chin Baptist Church (VCBC)
  • Melbourne Immanuel Baptist Church (MIBC)
  • Emmanuel Christian Church Melbourne (ECCM)
  • Lai Christian Church Melbourne (LCCM)
  • Chin Evangelical Church (CEC)
  • Australian Pentecostal Church (APC)
  • Chin Christian Church Melbourne (CCCM)
  • Gospel Baptist Church (GBC)
  • Melbourne Mizo Church (MMC)
  • Australian Gospel Baptist Church (AGBC)
  • Victorian New Creation Church (VNCC)
  • Grace Church Melbourne (GCM)



  • Perth Chin Baptist Church (PCBC)
  • Western Australian Chin Christian Church (WACCC)
  • Western Australia Chin Emanuel Church (WACEC)
  • Nazareth Church (United Pentecostal Church)
  • Western Australia Matu Christian Church (WAMCC)
  • Western Australia Zotung Christian Church (WAZCC)
  • Perth Chin Community Church (PCCC)
  • Perth Ebenezer Siyin Church (PESC)
  • Perth Siyin Baptist Church (PSBC)
  • Full Gospel Worship Centre
  • Gospel Baptist Church (GBC)



  • Adelaide Chin Christian Church (ACCC)
  • Adelaide Lai Christian Church (ALCC)


  • Brisbane Chin Church (BCC)

There are two coalitions of the Chin churches in Melbourne, one for the western suburbs and another for the eastern suburbs.

  • Western Melbourne Chin Churches’ Fellowship
  • Melbourne Chin Churches’ Fellowship -EM


The nationwide religious organisation that represents all the Chin churches in Australia is:

  • Chin Churches’ Council in Australia (CCCA)

Australia’s Chin population is growing and becoming more established, but as for other migrant communities in Australia, living between two worlds of culture and language can be extremely difficult. There have been intergenerational conflicts, intercultural issues and other parenting and social issues among the families in the community. Despite these hardships, the Chin community continues to celebrate their traditions and culture, practicing their religion and speaking their native language.