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Chin Life-Changing Candles are special candles uniquely made by Chin refugees in Melbourne. These candles are special not because of its good quality only, but because of how it works. These are the candles that help people in need! 

These candles work very differently in the lives of the people as 100 percent of the profit from sales goes directly for the good cause for the people in dire need. This is how these candles work:

  • One candle will provide 5kg of rice for a family
  • Two candles will support a child to receive suitable medical treatment
  • Three candles will help a mother to gain maternal health care
  • Four candles will fund a child to get education for half year

 Every candle directly funds 5 kilos of rice for a family living below the poverty line in Chin State, Myanmar.

Every purchase you make means a lot as it contributes significant changes in the lives of the Chin people in many ways, including creating employment opportunity for non-English speaking Chin women in Melbourne in particular.

All our candles are hand-made in Melbourne by the Chin people who have been forced to flee their home country, Myanmar. This means every candle is providing a much-needed wage to members of the Chin community in Melbourne, apart from providing funds or contributions to the people in Chin State, Myanmar.

Our candles are made from 100% organic soy wax, pure cotton wicks and scented with the highest-grade natural fragrances and essential oils. The candles burn for over 60 hours and are guaranteed to be as good or better than any other candle out there!

These candles turn a purchase you would have made anyway into something meaningful.

Not everyone buys candles, but we all buy gifts.