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Basic English Class
Basic English Class is run every day for the Chin community members and designed for beginners and the international students who struggle with their English. We are also running evening classes for the people who work or study at daytime.
We work together with the training providers or institutions in providing the White Card training for the construction workers prior to their employment in the sector. We help organise the training space and arrange interpreter for those with language barrier.
White Card Training
Work place Health & Safety
In cooperation with Jacob’s Gardens and Super Gardens, we provide inductions and training to the workers in construction, landscaping and gardening industries about Workplace Health and Safety and its policies, procedures and related regulations.
We provide the Australian citizenship course to the Chin people in the multiple dialects used and spoken in the community to prepare them for the test, using all the available resources.
Citizenship Course
Tradition & Cultural Dance
The Chin people are rich in cultural dances and there are a variety of dances and costumes with different patterns and colours that represent different tribal groups of the Chin community. The most common and popular dances are known as Ruakhawtlak (Bamboo dance), Sarlaam (Conquest dance), Khuangcawi, Rawlsawmtuk, Conglaizawnh and there are many other modern dances.