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Trips to Chin State, Myanmar

Trips to Chin State, Myanmar

In February 2019, our team was first sent on trip to assess the situation in rural areas in Chin State, Myanmar with the support of our partner -No Roads Foundation, Australia.

The team led by Mr. Andrew Grasby, director of No Roads Foundation together with his wife, Sue Grasby conducted the initial health assessment in the tribal regions of Lautu, Zophei and Zotung areas where most of the local people have poor health and very little access to healthcare due to many circumstances.

During the trip, many patients from the villages were given financial assistance for their prescriptions and transportation fees that they can go to the hospitals in cities. Some medications and other supplements were handed with the local community health volunteers for distribution with basic medical training provided.

Earlier November 2019, our team made a visit to the regional communities in Chin State, Myanmar who remain marginalised due to their remote locations for the second time.

Many families from several villages were given rice, cooking oils, personal hygiene items such as toothbrushes, toothpastes and soaps, and medicines and other supplements. Also, school materials and equipment were donated to some of the schools.

We had provided First Aid training to the local community health volunteers and scoped out future infrastructure projects to improve the lives of this group of disadvantaged people by building their capacity to help themselves.

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