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We believe supporting the young people in sports is essential for building a healthy relationship and cohesiveness in the community. By engaging them in sports, we believe there will be stronger relationship, better communication and more youth participation in the community, and then they can develop connections or friendships and other management and leadership skills.

By introducing and running the sports program and activities for the young people, we can engage them in healthy activities and reduce their boredom, potential chances or risks of or/and time possibly spent for using drugs or drinking alcohol.    

Soccer/Volleyball Club
Soccer/volleyball is the most popular sport played in the Chin community. Majority of boys/men, including girls/women love playing soccer. Therefore, we support the soccer teams and organise a tournament every year around mid-November. With required supervisions, we help the youth teams with booking or securing courts or grounds for practice or trainings.
We are running a tennis club for teenagers in the evenings after school hours.
Lawn & Table Tennis Club
Traditional Wrestling

In Chin culture, the Chin traditional form of wrestling known as “Lai Paih” is the only predominantly traditional sport or tournament exclusively practiced by Chin men and represents a chance to demonstrate one’s masculinity and strength to the community at large.