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Celebrating Chin National Day

Celebrating Chin National Day

Every year on 20 February, the Chin people all over the world celebrate Chin National Day in their own way and scale of capability as one of the most important days. Cultural troupes from various tribes were brought together on this special occasion to promote understanding, a sense of identity, cultures, traditions, and most of all unity in diversity.

Chin National Day is designated to commemorate the “General Assembly of Chinland”, held on 20 February 1948 on which more than 500 Chin representatives from across Chin State voted to adopt a modern democratic governing system over the traditional feudal system.

Chin National Day is a day to celebrate being Chin, a day to celebrate identity, culture, and traditions, and a day to tell everyone in the world who Chin are and where they come from.

Unfortunately, despite being one of the minor ethnic groups, the diversity among the Chin community is extremely strong with a record of more than 50 dialects spoken. However, this historical auspicious day is the crucial day all the Chin people from different tribal groups come together as One community to stand in solidarity and support one another.

This is the day the new generation learns the Chin history, culture, traditions, and backgrounds, and celebrates their identity. This special event brings Chin people together and allows them to share the Chin traditional identity, promotes unity in diversity, and preserves their culture and traditions, and language.

The spirit of this event celebration will positively impact the community to be more resilient, united, and proud to call Australia home and also let the broader communities understand the diversity of Chin.

On 20 February 2022, all the Chin communities from Eastern and Western Melbourne held the celebration together on Croydon Main Street, blocking the road between Hewish Road and Lacey Street. The stage was set at one end of the street to have the Showcase of Traditional Dance of traditional routines in traditional attire and cultural performance of music and traditional fashion.

Approximately, it was learned that around 2000 people from the Chin communities and local residents attended the event and the day was successful and beautifully spent with the support of the Croydon Croydon Council, Main Street Business Association, Victoria Police, and the community leaders and volunteers.

The local community witnessed the beauty of the Chin cultural dances, traditional costumes, and the rich, vibrant culture and diversity of the Chin community. The activities and showcases included cultural dances, singing, fashion show/presentation, children’s face painting, Chin traditional wrestling, craft tables, traditional food stalls, traditional costumes display, and others.

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