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The Chin Community Bushfire Appeal

The Chin Community Bushfire Appeal

Since the ravaged fire destroyed massive land, millions of animals and hero firefighters earlier this year 2020, Chin communities across the nation work so hard and make financial donations to many charities.

As Victoria State is one of the hardest hit areas, Chin communities and Churches in Victoria come together and make the Bushfire appeal. Real actions have been initiated within the communities.

As part of a wider response to the Chin Community Bushfire Appeal, the Bushfire Relief Concert was held on 13 March 2020, organized by the Australia Chin Community (Eastern Melbourne).

On 14 February 2020, Chin leaders from communities and Churches in Victoria come together and deliver the first round of financial donations collected among the communities to the headquarter of the Country Fire Authority (CFA) Victoria CFA (Country Fire Authority).

In total, more than 70,000 Australian dollars were fundraised for the Appeal. The interstate leading body, the Australia Chin Communities’ Council encourages all Chin communities at their respective state to join CFA and contribute whatever they can.

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